Friday, March 30, 2012

Bulls to Trigger Next Week ??

Nifty Passed 3 Triggers from Bulls as marked on Chart. Now 5340 / 5385 Should be Crossed for the Bulls to Trigger Next Week. RBI meet to Decide on Interest Rate will decide the Trend. As I said on Yahoo Messenger on Clients Nifty Rallied nearly 130 Points to reap the Profit.

Tata Steel - I have been advising on Yahoo messenger as well here to buy from 450 level with a SL of 438. As per Chart given here, Next week if Crosses 468 - then Sky is the Limit. Since the Stock is undergoing 3rd Wave - I am highly Bullish on this Stock in coming days.

Advised clients to Buy Yes bank from 364 Level. Bulls to Trigger above 374. Another Stock which I am Highly Bullish as is also on 3rd wave. Lets wait for the Interest week ahead. Cheers!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Trigger Today ?

As I wrote Yesterday, today it was an Roller Coaster day with Extreme Volatile. Nifty made a Low of 5136 which I wrote Yesterday as 5140. Today first trigger given above 5164 as market on Chart. We need 2 more Break Outs as 5220-30 & 5270-80. Entire Scenario may Become Bullish Once Nifty able to break and trade above 5340 Only. Till then Choppiness with volatility may continue.

Buy call given on yahoo Messenger Yesterday and today also with a SL of 438 on Closing Basis. First Target 468-70 and 500+ Soon. Cheers!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trigger it Tomorrow ?

Nifty seems to be making more and more complicated waves every day. Breaking the Yellow lines @ 5180 may take Nifty to white line which may be 5140-5150. Upper side Yellow line should be above 5110-20 for a move up to 5230-40. Bulls gain strenth Only Above 5270-80. Heavy Selling may emerge if breaks below 5140. Expiry day may give more Volatile so Get Ready for a Roller Coaster, because tomorrow is a 'Trigger day'. Cheers!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bears fails to Break 200dma - Seems like a double Bottom on chart - as of now it seems A-B-C got completed. Nifty should break key Resis 5280 & 5330 to confirm its Strength. Lets see

Monday, March 26, 2012

Near 200dma

Nifty Near 200dma - Broken important Trend Line - May Target for 5120-40 & 5040-5080.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Any thing Left for Bulls ???

As I said on Last Friday - break below 5172 fall can be there.Refer Friday Post. But today we will find out Is there any way still Open for Bulls, Yes there is!!! as per chart attached above its still sw(5)(2) is on like abc-x-abc-x-abc. Two possibilities in this count. 1) sw(2) is completed and sw(3) started or (c) of (5) is still left. as marked with arrow. If 5330 broken then sw(3) is confirmed up move continuous else a fall to complete (c) and upmove to start as marked with chart. Counts become Negated if Breaks below 5172.

Daily Chart shows there is a Possible Flag formation. 200dma & 38.2% Retracement may give support next week. Bulls should break above the channel for a strong upmove. Lets wait!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bears Came Back !!!

Yes Bears took Upper Hand on Bulls - as today's fall has Negated previous count and I have Re-counted with the Previous alternate sw(4). Here I have attached Chart with full sub Count of sw(4) A-B-C. Todays fall confirmed that we are in sw(4)(c). It seems we are on the last leg of fall ie..sw(4)(c)(5). As shown on Chart we are heading towards (Target1)5120 after breaking 5171 which was the nearest Bottom. As sw(A) has 457 points then sw(C) must fall from 5499.40 - 457 = Target2 5042. Lets see!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bull Bang with Break Out

Yes, Bull today Bang with two good Break Out as shown on Chart. Today also alerted all the client on Yahoo messenger to buy above 5297, Nifty Zoomed to a High of 5371. Two Targets 5335 & 5366 got achieved. Tomorrow 5397 & 5342 need to take out for entering into a Bullish Mode. Lets wait and see how the Bull is Stronger enough to Break these Levels. Cheers

Tata Steel also Break Out..Let See the Bulls Play Tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Need a Strong Break Out for Bulls

As written Yesterday Nifty did not violated the 78.6% Re-tracement on closing basis as shown on Chart. Seems like a double bottom also. Tomorrow nifty need to break above the channel for a Interim Bullish as marked on chart. Above 5297 may give a Break out for up move up to 5335 / 5366 / 5397 & 5442. In Case of Breaking on the Lowe side as written Previously - this counts get Negated and Bearish counts should be Viewed. Lets Wait and See.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Retracement still On. Still Hope on Bulls

IHS failed. But still Hope on Bulls. sw(2) seems to be retracing 78.6% on sw(1) which is exactly today low 5239.Also ongoing sw(2)(c) is alomost doing 161.8% of sw(2)(a) which is 5225 as marked on chart. These two supports may give boost to Bulls tomorrow, ELSE these counts gets Negated and should follow the Alternative Count for continuation of sw(4).
Lets wait and See

Friday, March 16, 2012

Last Hope for Bulls

IHS broken today. Even though still inside the Channel as marked on chart.
Last support exist at 5294, if breaks then fall upto 5230 to fill the gap as marked on chart.
Lets for Monday. Cheers!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

IHS on formation - Supp 5330-5335

As written Yesterday - Nifty broken 5420 and achieved the Target 5370.
Now Nifty seems to be forming a IHS as marked on chart. If able to get support at 5330-5335, then upswing should be fast and furious. Upswing shall be upto 5410 / 5460 / 5500. Since tomm is a Budget day, more sports left to watch. Cheers!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

After a good Gap Up Nifty came down and consolidated seems to be that it completed sw(4) as shown on chart. Tomorrow Nifty should not break 5420 spot and for next upmove may happen above 5503 for 5523 / 5544 / 5572 & 5609. A Fall below 5420 may trigger upto 5394 & 5370.

State Bank of India - I Hope it made a Reverse H&S and there is a Break out too as marked on chart.Since tomm March,15th there is a RBI meed to decide Interest Rate decision - Risky Trader can trade as per this chart.Above 2350 - may target for 2475 and even more. But a Close above 2470 may trigger a Big Push for a Big Target ??? Lets wait for the Interesting day for tomorrow. Cheers!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alternative Counts on Nifty

Alternative count as Assuming Nifty still on Sw(4) means ongoing wave should be sw(4)(b) is ON. In that case sw(b) should end at 5530 or 5576 maximum after passing above 5454 which is 61.8% Retracement as shown on chart.

Tata Steel - 480 & 500

Tata Steel Now Trading at 468. Traders can Buy with a SL of 450 for a Target of 480 & 500.
Target even goes further in case of breaking these 2 given levels.

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Consolidation - More Confusion???

After RBI Rate Cut / Positive IIP Data / Break out on Friday - Still Nifty can't move up firmly. Even though Nifty able to hold 5330 - Cant surpass 5430 & 5470 as said in last post. Now tomm if Nifty can't hold 5330 then 5300-5290 should be keenly watched as its next support, if breaks then may fall to fill the Gap as shown on Chart upto 5230. Lets See!!!

Friday, March 09, 2012

More Upmove - 4570-80

As said on Wednesday - Nifty Moved up and close above 5330 - Break out as Shown on Chart. Now there are 2 Possibilities I have given on Chart. 1) Nifty have completed sw(4) @ 5171 and started its sw(5), means New High is possible in near future. 2) sw(4((B)(c) is underway - means we are still on sw(4). In case If nifty not able to cross 5470-80 as shown on chart with Yellow arrow, then it may fall to completes its sw(c) of sw(4). In that case a Fall upto 5080 cant be ruled out. So lets us wait for a Move upto 5470-80 to decide whats next. Hope every one who have visited my website or receiving my News Letter should have made or Should be in Profit. More Profitable and Interesting Days ahead - Next week as there is IIP Data / Inflation and much more data from World wide awaiting. Cheers

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bulls may Back

Today Nifty took support at 5171 which is exactly 200dma, and managed to close above 38.2%(5209) at 5220.If able to hold this 200dma then I expect Nifty to move up for 5280 / 5346 & 5400 level.Lets Wait and See.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

5080 Visible

Correction upto 38.2% done today.
If today low is not Hold, then Next Target 5080.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Broken Trend Line...

Today Broken Important Trend Line and Managed to Stay below 50dma, which has faded the possibility of up move as said yesterday. Next Support 5268 should hold to see a Possible upmove, if not then should touch the bottom line of the Channel. As I have written Yesterday, sw(C) Target must be 5130 or 5080 where the fall can end.
Lets wait and See.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Time for Consolidation before a Big Move!!!

Nifty not able to move up as said in my Last Post.
Now two Scenario

Possibility - 1:-
Nifty Completed sw(B) and have started sw(C).
Possible upmove upto 5420 then a fall upto 5250 & 5160

Possibility - 2:-
Nifty still on sw(b) has to go up upto 5490 to complete sw(b).
After completing sw(B) should fall deeply for sw(C)for a 360 Point fall upto 5130 or even 5080.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Time to Go Up !!!

As per Yesterdays Call - Nifty Spot Broken 5352 and fell up to 5297.65.
But can't reach our Target 5269.
Today since Nifty able to Hold 5320 and manage to give a Break out as shown on Chart, it seems we are still in sw(B).

SW(B) is divided as a-b-c and we are in the latter part of sw(c) - means now we must go up - Target should be 5491 which is 61.8% retracement of sw(A) as shown on Chart here.

Also we had a Triangle break out today - as far as this is held - we should move up to the Target with out any problem. More and More Interesting day tomorrow as its a Week end (Friday) and Beginning of a (March month) Financial Year End.
Lets Wait and See!!! Cheers!!!