Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekly Review - 14.09.2015

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Citing an improving economy, the Federal Reserve signaled that it's on track to raise historically low interest rates as early as September, but that rates are likely to climb more gradually than it previously anticipated.

The Fed pushed its benchmark short-term interest rate to near zero in December 2008, an effort to spur borrowing, spending and investment in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The central bank has kept rates low ever since to keep a fragile expansion going.

Some Fed officials want to start raising their rate from near zero because the job market is improving at a rapid pace and reducing economic slack. Underscoring that point, the Labor Department reported Wednesday a record of 5.8 million U.S. job openings in July, a sign that the demand for labor is on the rise and could lead to wage gains. That follows Friday’s report that unemployment fell to 5.1% in August from 5.3% in July.

Some officials in this camp also worry that if the Fed keeps rates low for too long it could breed financial excesses like asset bubbles fueled by borrowing that hurt the economy later.

Others have trepidations about continued low inflation, the dollar’s rise, China’s economic slowdown and recent financial-market turbulence. Their concerns suggest the Fed could hold rates steady for now, until they’re sure the global economy isn’t headed for broader trouble.

Janet Yellen now faces her most difficult task to date as Fed chairwoman: Forge a consensus among divided central-bank officials on a historic decision about whether to lift rates for the first time in nearly a decade.

The Fed leader hasn’t spoken publicly since her July testimony to Congress, when she signaled rate increases this year are likely. Her public silence about the decision in recent weeks, as financial markets have wobbled, leaves unclear which way she will want to take the Fed’s 17-member decision-making group.

Lets See some Technical Charts also.

>>> Nifty Weekly Review <<<

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Above is a weekly Chart. Previously on August, 2013 - 100 Week Moving Average - Supported the Bulls and Price made a big rally there after. Next week if 100 WMA able to hold - Then expect same such rally ?? - Hope So.

>>> Nifty Daily Chart <<<

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Its a 1122 Points fall on both sides. Wave A = Wave C. So 7540 is an Important Key Support Next week to decide the Bulls Fate. If this analysis is not wrong, then Bears are in great danger. Bulls may zoom heavily in coming days.

>>> Nifty Hourly Chart <<<

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Abvove 7950 - Bears may be in great danger - 8080 and 8208 may be the next target. A Gap left should be watched carefully.

>>> Bank Nifty Daily <<<

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As wrote - Bank Nifty also taking support from the Channel. If price able to hold above the channel next week also, Expect some big recovery and rally.

>>> Bank Nifty - Hourly Chart <<<

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16500-550 gave a good support, Above 16850 expect a break out cum rally. 17000 and 17430 act as a important Resistance.

>>> ICICI BANK - Posted on 10th Sep, 2015 <<<

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We are holding Long in ICICI Bank, Expecting some good rally.

>>> MCLEODRUSS - Posted on 09th Sep, 2015 <<<

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Holding Long - Expecting more rally.

>>> SBIN - Posted on 08th Sep, 2015 <<<

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Holding Long on SBIN also. Cheers!!!