Friday, June 08, 2012

Shall I Call the Bear Again ???

As I wrote Yesterday Bull Relaxed till today Afternoon, came down and almost filled the Gap - made a low of 4995. Later Part of the Trading was Jumped for sw(5).

For Monday Nifty faces a Key Resistance at 5095 to 5104 on spot, channel resistance line as given on chart.

On the Hourly Chart We had a Bearish Grave Stone doji which may an indication that Nifty has completed the Wave 1 -

Now its time for Consolidation to Corrective wave 2. So It is Advised to Book Profit Near the Resistance line so that I can Call the Bear for the Wave 2.

Today Following Calls send to Our Trading clients in Marwadi Shares:-

*****NIFTY-ALERT***** Buy Nifty above spot level 5025. SL 4990. Target 5080/5120 /5150 and 5190.

Almost achived the First Target. Those who are holding still should Book On Monday.

Lets wait for Next Week to Welcome Bear Once again and Nifty to get Consolidate.
Happy Week end for all, Till then Cheers!!!

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