Monday, September 30, 2013

Broken Support 5733

Dear All,

A government shutdown: What could it look like?

The federal government moved closer to its first shutdown in 17 years after the Republican-led House voted early Sunday to delay President Barack Obama’s health-care law by one year as part of legislation to keep the government running.

If House Republicans and Senate Democrats cannot agree by the Tuesday-morning deadline, thousands of government employees will be unable to work.

There will be one more round of votes until a government shutdown is certain.

First, Reid and his fellow Democrats in the Senate are likely to vote on Monday afternoon to table the House measure. Aides said they only need 51 votes to block the bills. Democrats control 54 votes in the chamber. This will sideline conservative Republicans in the Senate led by Sen.

"The American people don't want a government shutdown, and they don't want Obamacare," House Republican leaders said in a statement. "We will do our job and send this Bill over, and then it's up to the Senate to pass it and stop a government shutdown."

>>> NIFTY <<<

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Nifty Broken Crucial Support 5733. Lets wait for 5637.


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CenturyTex Part Booked. Holding for Target.

>>> LT <<<

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LT booked Part Profit and Holding for Target.

>>> ONGC <<<

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ONGC part profit booked at 266. Stock made a low of 262.65. More downside left