Friday, April 27, 2012

Head & Shoulder again ???

Seems like a Head and Shoulder - But EW says if 5154 Hold for tomorrow or Monday - then sub wave c(5) is a truncated one, else the fall be upto 5130/5110 and 5080. But mostly a H&S formed on the Bottom side wont get effected as we say last time at 20th Dec,2011 @ 4530 also. Above 5270 this H&S get Invalidate, hope new Bullish (count) move to start any time.
Today my call on Yahoo Messenger as
*****NIFTY-ALERT***** :- If Nifty Spot breaks below 5190 then can Slide Upto 5150 / 5130 / 5110 & 5080. SL above 5223
which hit 5154 low (fitst Target) and closed at 5186. Renewed SL of 5197 also hit - as this call no more live.