Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No CRR Cut - then Where is the Bear ?


>>>> Click the chart to see it on full screen <<<<

Todays upmove looks like a 1-5 pattern, in such a case - the On going B wave is again forming a A-B-C. As marked on chart sw(a) got completed near 5233 and may fall upto 5107 to fill the first gap and to complete sw(b) and may raise upto 5280 or 5302 to complete B wave.


(30/Jul/2012 11:43:08): *****STOCK-ALERT***** Sell & Hold ICICI BANK near 970. Cmp:968. Target 950 & 930. SL above 983.(all cash levels)

31-07-12, 11-40-31 am ****STOCK-UPDATE***** Sell ICICI BANK given Yesterday on 968. Low made 952.70 - almost near our first Target 950. Hold for Next Target. Profit so far 16 X 250 = Rs.4000. Enjoy