Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bull Trap or Bear Trap

Nifty Opened Gap down and Managed to Recover Breaks 5124 once and closed at 5111.75 (sw(2)(b). Now if Nifty able to trade above 5124 with good volume Only I suppose to Say Bulls are strength to move up. But I see this move as a Bear Case to fall for sw(2)(c) as marked on chart.

Tomorrow is a Inflation Day. 5090 Plays as Important Support, break below this may lead to a fall upto 5040 & 4990.

As Said earlier, If Nifty able to trade above 5124 with volume, these counts becomes Invalid and to assume that sw(3) must have started, which i shall post tomorrow. So Play Safe and Earn Profit on Every Move.

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