Monday, April 16, 2012

Smells like Bulls move?

Unlike a-b-c-d-e it seems there is still hope of 5(1)(2). As Friday's low 5186 still on Hold today move looks like a Bulls Move. As shown on chart sw(2)-a-b-c is on. Now it seems (c) has retraced 61.8% of (a) which is 5190 looks like the end of sw(2). In that case sw(5)(3) must have started - means 5275 / 5303 / 5330 & 5430 (atleast first 2 Resis) should be taken out to confirm the upmove. As RBI decision for Tomorrow - Bank Nifty Play an Important Role in NIFTY move.

Today have told all the Clients on Yahoo Messenger that 5185 might be the base as off now - and to Buy above 5224 on spot level. Bank Nifty also told to buy on Last week above 10420 with a support of 9900.