Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Still to Move ?

Dear All,

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Just Remember my Monday Post, Mentioned three Resistance needed to be Crossed. 5603, 5636 and 5663. Today crosses first Resistance 5603, Yet to cross 5636 and 5663.

Lot of Global Confusions and domestic Political Chaos - lead to Heavy Volatile and Tension inside Market.

But Chart and Levels never changes. As per EW if we are on 4th wave Corrective Upmove Nifty should Retrace atleast 50% or 5663 before next fall.

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Bank Nifty too had a Break out On Chart. Lets see.


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Apollo Tyre - Seems like a Break Out. Have completed Wave 3 and should move up for a Corrective 4th wave. Short Term Target should be around 85 and 87.