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Weekly Review - 16.06.2014

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IT major Infosys has appointed Vishal Sikka as its CEO and MD, appointed its first outsider to head the company on Thursday, hoping new blood will help in its struggle to stay competitive, as it tries to evolve from a low-cost outsourcing company into a global technology brand.

India's second-largest software exporter said Vishal Sikka, a veteran of German software company, will take over as managing director and chief executive.

The company is hoping that Mr. Sikka, educated at Stanford University and known for leading and accelerating the launch of sophisticated software platforms at SAP, can make Infosys an industry trendsetter again.

"This is a rare opportunity to take an iconic company that shaped the industry in India, and help shape the industry one more time," Mr. Sikka told a news conference in India's technology hub of Bangalore.

also assured investors that he would outline a clear strategy "in a few weeks". Some experts believe clarity on management roles should help the company stem the exodus of senior management at the company. At least 12 senior executives have quit the company since last June.

Lets move on to technicals ....

>>> INFY - Posted on 31st May 2014 <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Clearly wrote just 15 days before - To Buy. If you are a risky trader and bought as per written on chart - then you must be in a good profit now.
Else if you have bought once it break out from the falling wedge - must given a hand some profit.
See what happened

>>> INFY - Happened and Yet to <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Clear break out from Falling wedge - RSI getting ready for a break - Shows a clear bull trend. Buy on every dips to reap your profit.

>>> NIFTY <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Friday fall really scared many and I received many queries like "Is this the end of Bull market". Since many stocks lost nearly or more than 5% on screen has made many traders and investors to make loss in just a day fall.

So whats happening. Please understood that - this fall is a time wise correction - We don't have any break down to believe that bull market is ended.

So lets see what are the possibilities for nifty to get support on chart.

As the above chart clearly shows the trend line support and RSI also having a support too. As I believe its a sub wave 2 fall. Soon next week nifty may start moving upward is the trend line doesn't get violated. Lets see in detail on hourly chart also.

>>> Nifty - Hourly Chart <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

7500-7515 looks very important for nifty to give strength for bull. So lets wait and see.

>>> Bank Nifty <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Hope its a clear chart on Bank Nifty - and you understand too. So lets wait and see.

>>> Charts Performance of the Week <<<

>>> HLL <<<

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We exited HLL earlier at 626 with partial profit.

>>> INFY <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Good Profit of 17500 on INFY.

>>> NTPC <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

We had a very good profit on NTPC fall. Profit made nearly 20,000/-.

>>> TCS <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

TCS - like infy - looks good on chart - We booked on first target of Rs.8125. Still looks attractive for buy on dips. Just buy for good upmove.

>>> Yes - As Posted on 12th June, 2014 <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

we have wrote in this blog many times about Yes Bank short call. We shorted too. See what happened.

>>> Yes Bank - Happened <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Yes on Yes Bank - We made 36000 Profit. Jackpot.

>>> Performance <<<

>>> Click the image to see on full screen <<<

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Tea prices are set to rise in near-term because of low crop output resulting from adverse weather conditions.

The weather has not been kind to the tea industry since November last year, said Kamal Baheti, CFO, McLeod Russel.

There has been a 40 percent reduction in produce and the weak trend could persist in the current quarter as well, adding his company was considering a Rs 15-25 per kg hike in the near-term

Rising threat from El Nino may increase Tea Price more in coming days.

Average tea prices in India, the world's second-biggest producer, edged higher at last week's auction on strong demand amid a slight drop in supplies from the top-producing Assam state.

Consumption, on the other hand, is expected to grow at 2-2.5 per cent in 2014 led by increase in population and steady per capita tea consumption. Thus, consumption is expected to outpace production resulting in a further drop in inventory levels in 2014, which, in turn, will lead to a rise in prices.

As compared to North India, auction prices in South India are estimated to increase at a faster pace on account of continued decline in production in 2014.

Despite rising tea prices in India, Crisil Research expects profitability of tea planters to improve only marginally by 50-100 basis points to about 19 per cent in 2014. This is on account of an anticipated increase in labour and power and fuel costs. Labour costs, which account for 40-45 per cent of total operating costs, are slated to rise by 7 per cent in 2014 in line with latest contract signed with labour unions. Power and fuel costs, amounting to 10-15 per cent of total operating costs, are also estimated to rise in 2014 led by increase in grid power tariffs.

So Rise in Tea Price - may help McLeod Russel in coming days. Lets also look in to the chart of this Stock.

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<

Clear break out on Price and RSI shows a big upmove coming. Just Buy and enjoy. Cheers!!!