Monday, April 30, 2012

Head or Tail ???

Nifty still inside a Valid H&S Only - 200 Hr MA is 5156 and 5166 is a Channel Line above that H&S may get Invalidate - On the Contrary below 5222 (this count is invalidate) Nifty may see a good Sell off - as sw(c)(5) may get continue for a fall below 5154. As i said on Friday - usually H&S formed on the lower side of the Consolidation wont be effective. So a Buy call has been given to clients today with a SL of 5222. Lets See on Wednesday. Cheers!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Head & Shoulder again ???

Seems like a Head and Shoulder - But EW says if 5154 Hold for tomorrow or Monday - then sub wave c(5) is a truncated one, else the fall be upto 5130/5110 and 5080. But mostly a H&S formed on the Bottom side wont get effected as we say last time at 20th Dec,2011 @ 4530 also. Above 5270 this H&S get Invalidate, hope new Bullish (count) move to start any time.
Today my call on Yahoo Messenger as
*****NIFTY-ALERT***** :- If Nifty Spot breaks below 5190 then can Slide Upto 5150 / 5130 / 5110 & 5080. SL above 5223
which hit 5154 low (fitst Target) and closed at 5186. Renewed SL of 5197 also hit - as this call no more live.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Expired !!!

Nifty Expired April serious with out much Noice.
Today I had a Buy call on Yahoo Messenger as follows.
(4/26/2012 2:47:43 PM): ****NIFTY-ALERT**** Buy Nifty Spot near 5180-85. SL below 5160. Target 5230/5250 & 5265.
Nothing more to say today. Lets wait and see how Nifty moves tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enough is Enough !!!

Nifty seems to have completed Double zigzag now. Second Part marked inside Square seems to have completed 3-3-5 Flat Correction which took support at 5161. Tomorrow Resistance @ 5211 & 5235.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cat on a Wall again ?

As said Yesterday if we are in sw(c) for a fall, then today upmove should be 4th one. In that case tomorrow 5242 or 5261 plays an Important resistance as marked on chart as its a 38.2% & 50% vice versa. Break above these levels shall invalidate the present count and possibility of Bulls trigger is high near 5310 to 5320 as there a two resistance line on the Upper side channel. We shall see up to 5600 if the upper channels gets broken.

On the Contrary if 5220 & 5180 gets broken again, fall upto 5100 - 5080 as said Yesterday can't be ruled out.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Return of Bears!!!

Its the Most painful consolidation like when market takes double zigzag or a-b-c-d-e type of consolidation - Often Stock Broking firms or Brokers has to face the pain of Less volume or Job Loss.

Today My Long call SL got triggered 2 times. First one at 5328 when Long was at 5340-44. Second SL revised at 5310. Even Last Friday SL got triggered at 5302 when Long was at 5295. Of course SL is an Life Saving Boat - As an Analyst every one may feel Bad when Hitting SL. But for the Analyst its a failure of one Call. But from Traders Point of View it a Life saving Number. When Market Crashed after Hitting SL - then one should realize the Importance of Stop Loss in their Trade. So I never feel bad when SL hit, rather should concentrate more to avoid a Long call in such a situation - Be ideal rather than Hitting a SL is my Chant always.

Yes its again A-B-C-D-E type correction - A break out above the Diagonal Pattern is considered as "throw Over" as the Later part of "E" is divided as a-b-c. Since (b) has taken almost 78.6% of (a) as marked on Chart. Now a Previous Island Reversal Gap also failed was added fuel for the fast (c) wave fall for ending the diagonal pattern at "E". Now the Target is 5080 to touch the bottom Line.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bull - Walking on the Rope

Really sorry for Not Updating Yesterday - due to my Personnel Reason. Yesterday advised my Clients to Buy Nifty near 5195. Today it flared upto 5341 - Achieved the First Target. Given above is the 5 Min Chart - to show how Nifty moving from 5190, as I have already advised and written that the Nearest Bottom is 5180 from where we may rally. Now it seems Nifty is making an Extension waves without breaking the line marked with arrow. As per my view if its sw(5) then 5(3) is going on as marked on chart.

Yesterday Nifty unable to Perform even after breaking the Triangle Break out - as it was Resisted at 50dma as shown on Chart. So even today at the closing Send sms to Clients to Exit or Hold if able to close above 5335 Only. Now tomorrow Nifty should Break 5377.4 to confirm the Bulls Strength - from where I am Expecting a Good Short Covering and Bulls Run also, should achieve the 2nd & 3rd Target as per Buy Call given. Lets wait for Friday Move. Cheers!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bulls are a Step Away !!! Get Ready !!!

Nifty Achieved the First Target 5275 and Made a High of 5295. We are a Step Away from Bulls Trigger. As marked on chart Bulls need to Break the Trend Line @ 5306 for "Bulls Rally". 5335 & 5377 are the Important Resistance to Watch there after.

Gave a Buy Call on Bank Nifty in Yahoo Messenger above 10,420. Now as given on chart if Bank Nifty able to Break Tomorrow above 10540 then a Fresh Bulls Rally to Begin as shown on chart with Trend Line.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Smells like Bulls move?

Unlike a-b-c-d-e it seems there is still hope of 5(1)(2). As Friday's low 5186 still on Hold today move looks like a Bulls Move. As shown on chart sw(2)-a-b-c is on. Now it seems (c) has retraced 61.8% of (a) which is 5190 looks like the end of sw(2). In that case sw(5)(3) must have started - means 5275 / 5303 / 5330 & 5430 (atleast first 2 Resis) should be taken out to confirm the upmove. As RBI decision for Tomorrow - Bank Nifty Play an Important Role in NIFTY move.

Today have told all the Clients on Yahoo Messenger that 5185 might be the base as off now - and to Buy above 5224 on spot level. Bank Nifty also told to buy on Last week above 10420 with a support of 9900.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Leg of Fall !!!

Finally Nifty took its shape as a-b-c-d-e as marked on chart to end its sw(4) journey, as it tested most of our Patience and left the air with lot of un-confirmed bad news or Rumours. As I was saying for the last 3 days 5306 which played as a crucial resistance and made nifty to fall suddenly upto 5186. Now Nifty should end its sw(4) near 5110 or 5093 next week. Magical Last upmove of sw(5) will start any time next week once it touches the Bottom Trend like as marked with an Arrow on chart as the bad news or rumours will be forgotten and Nifty may travel upward with new force. Lets See Next Week. Till then Wish You all a Very Happy Week end and Cheers!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cat on a Wall

As I gave Yesterday Nifty today touched 5289.3 which was near to 5290, But failed to touch 5306. As given on Chart here Nifty has Two important Gaps to be filled and Crosses for a Healthy Upmove. Even today closed below 50Hr Moving Average does not seems to be a good Sign for Bulls. Tomorrow 5306 & 5347 are the major Road Block for Bulls. Cross above these levels may be a Bulls Trigger - else we may see Nifty to move towards or near to 5000 level soon. Infosys Result & Week End closing tomorrow makes an Interesting day ahead. Cheers!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still More Hurdles ?

Nifty Showed some Recovery in the later part of the Trade today. Support 5188 still on Hold. But on going Structure suggest a-b-c, where we are in sw(b) now. An Upmove upto 5306 possible Tomorrow. As today I told to Buy Nifty above 5210 with Support as SL for a Target of 5250 & 5290. First Target Achieved in the first part of the Trade. Tomorrow 5306 Visible on chart. In Case Nifty able to Breaks and Trade above 5306 with Volume, further upmove and Good short Covering not ruled Out. Nifty may Try to Jump and Show Strength above 5338-40 on Spot as its a Clear Bulls Trigger. Lets See!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confusing ?

* Have differentiated Nifty with 2 alternative Counts -
* Yellow Color count & arrow to suggest that 5228 which is 61.8% retrace should Hold on closing basis, which says sw(5)(2) was done for up move.
* As said Yesterday 5188 if Breaks then the alternative count on white color may come into a-b-c-d-e pattern - On which Nifty may touch 5080.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Get Set - Can't Go Still ???

Yes, Nifty fell more than what I predicated last time, Now the fall has retraced exactly 61.8% of previous raise as marked on chart. Now if today downside is sw(2) then Nifty should fill the 2 gaps left to avoid 'Island Reversal' Fall. Tomorrow if 5228 got broken then Last support should be at 5188 - below this level my counts became Invalid and alternative count should come into effect. Lets wait and see!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Get Set Go

As I wrote on Wednesday, closing was above 5320 as sw(2) seems to have completed as marked on chart with a-b-c, 'c' has retraced 50% of 'a'. Also a valid break out above the channel seems to be encouraging for Bulls. Monday Bulls should break above 5365 to break the above channel to 'Get Set Go'

Above Eod Chart shows sw(4)or(B) got completed and sw5(3) or sw(C)(3) should start if 5306 holds next week. Wednesday nifty touches 50dma (5307) and closes above is a good sign for Bull. Next week if Bull able to cross 5365 then "Get Set Go"

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Need Some Consolidation ???

Yesterday I wrote 5320 as Resistance - which was cleared today by a Gap up. Now Resistance became supp as shown on chart. Also Nifty out of Channel - seems to be need some consolidation as 5380 also working as a Resistance. Tomorrow if the Gap get filled without breaking 5320 then we may move up firmly for Next Target on Nifty. Tomorrow is the Week end closing as there are 2 days Trading Holidays - Interesting things may happen? Lets wait for it. Cheers!!!

HDIL Call given on Yahoo Messenger on Friday - to Buy above 88 with SL of 79. Target 94 & 104. Today got triggered. Now as per Chart here - I hope Sw(2) has done with 61.8% Retracement of Sw(1). As there is a Break Out on Chart - I am Bullish on this Stock on coming day for the Targets

VIP Ind - Call given today on Yahoo Messenger to Buy at 103.75 - Stock moved on Intraday upto 109.4 - I'm Still Bullish with a Target of 114 & 125

Monday, April 02, 2012

Resistance at 5320-30

Nifty facing a Stiff Resistance between 5320-30 - Should break above for further Up move.

Give above is 5 Mins chart - Price travelling inside the Channel - Breaking this channel - Nifty may get its first support at 5285 level which is 23.6% retracement of this up move.