Friday, March 09, 2012

More Upmove - 4570-80

As said on Wednesday - Nifty Moved up and close above 5330 - Break out as Shown on Chart. Now there are 2 Possibilities I have given on Chart. 1) Nifty have completed sw(4) @ 5171 and started its sw(5), means New High is possible in near future. 2) sw(4((B)(c) is underway - means we are still on sw(4). In case If nifty not able to cross 5470-80 as shown on chart with Yellow arrow, then it may fall to completes its sw(c) of sw(4). In that case a Fall upto 5080 cant be ruled out. So lets us wait for a Move upto 5470-80 to decide whats next. Hope every one who have visited my website or receiving my News Letter should have made or Should be in Profit. More Profitable and Interesting Days ahead - Next week as there is IIP Data / Inflation and much more data from World wide awaiting. Cheers