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Weekly Review - 05th March 2018

Dear All,

Crying for a CRASH :-

There are a lot of Queries on Whatsapp about Nifty movement - Since SGX Nifty showed a Big fall on Thursday and friday. Many started giving a Lowest Target for Nifty and Started abusing the Indian Banking and Political System. Compared with 2008 Crash also done by many. So Many fund managers and other Leading Market participants and analyst has given their view, how far 2008 is different from current scenario.

For me, I think our Local Institutions are far more strengthened now than any other FII. I agree that Market are more volatile than before, but the presence of Algo Trading system and Currency Pair Hedge gives more volailte as these where not present 10 Years before.

SEBI is more active than 2008, as any wrong Selling or manipulation on FnO can be found out immediately. Govt. Keen effort to erode Black Money from system especially from Stock market, Pan & AAdhar Linked with Bank Account, Trading and Demat account - are not just for accounting and Tax evasions, But also to find out any Stock market Manipulators also.

Lot of Shell companies and their Wrongful trading practices including Insider trading are also keenly watched by SEBI - RBI and Govt. So I strongly feel that the correction may not happen by any anti social elements, also this is not an end of tunnel.

Those who have invested for long term, should trust the present Functioning of our Govt system and Micro as well as our Macro economic strength.

Secondly about Banking Scam:-

All these scams started before 10 or 15 Years and those who done these scams from PSU Banks have retired from services are now getting arrested or under CBI custody now. Means the System are getting tight rules that the thieves are getting trapped under the Law. This is not an end of a Story. Its a beginning of a New ERA. Damages are too heavy on Banking system that it might take more time to repair the system. There are some arguments to Privatize these PSU Banks also. Hope RBI and govt may not allow these to happen any more.

>>> Nifty - This week - discussing Hourly Charts with two different scenario - its a complicated abc Move - inside a smaller range. When the Entire global market started correcting -after Trumps America First Policy - Started a Trade war aiming China and its Steel Policy. Earlier our Indian Govt also levied some Tax on Imported Steel from china, Korea and Japan. Now its Trump's time. So a Lot of nervous around the world that, If this Trade war continue, may spread around many countries also. So Sure that Equity and Currency Market may feel its Earth Quake along with entire commodity Market.

Last Week I have given a Bullish View on Index, Especially Nifty and Bank Nifty. Still the View is ON. But lets see what are the different alternatives that might help the Bulls to Hold and Bears to Gain strength. I advice all of them to Hold Long, unless the below two alternatives fails.

>>> Nifty Hourly Chart - Alternative 1 <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
Price moving as ABC. Price is on Wave C, If breaks below 10450, 10430 and 10390 then the Count gets Negated.

>>> Nifty Hourly Chart - Alternative - 2 <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
If the IHS Faills - Price may form a 3-3-3 structure for test 10290-300 for wave B. A Break and trade below the channel support may help bears to gain strength.

>>> Nifty PSU Bank - Daily Chart <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
Its all started with PNB Scam and when PSU Bank Index was @ 4000, Made a 1000 Points to correct. Many PSU Bank Stocks collapsed. Now chart shows an ABCDE - If the Support holds as given on chart, there may be a revival in all PSU bank Stocks too. If happens - It can be a Miracle too. But nothing is impossible in a Economy and Stock Market. Lets wait and Watch.

>>> Bank Nifty - Hourly Chart <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
Support @ 24785 and 24520.

>>> STAR - Profit Booked & Long Again <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
Booked earlier and Long again. Above 720 More rally ahead.

>>> COLPAL - Hourly Chart <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
WE are Long and Break out as shown on chart - may give a good rally.

>>> Performance for the Month of Feb 2018 <<<

>>> Click the chart to see on full screen <<<
Above performance is not a Promise or guarantee for the given Profits or Loss.Performance given based on 1 lot at a time and clients Profit differ as per the margin availability and Number of Lots taken by them. We may or may not re-enter the Calls given here hit Stop Loss, as per market movement. The charts given above are just for educational purpose only and we don't recommend any Entry / Buy or Exit / Sell. Reader must taken their own decision or consult their qualified Analyst before making any decision.

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