Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sell in May and Go Away?

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As we all Know ...

The period between May and October has historically been a seasonally weak one for equity markets worldwide, giving rise to the phrase “sell in May and go away”.

Even in the case of Indian markets, the adage has held in as many as nine of the last 15 years with six month returns during May-October lagging the returns in other half of the year.

The month of May, too, has been bad with the Sensex falling nine out of 15 times. Indeed, during the last three years, the markets have fallen more than 3.3% during the month.

The performance in May would be a function of 2-3 factors. Though the earnings that come in the latter part of May are not usually good, the recent fall in crude, if it continues, would keep sentiment buoyant. The upcoming RBI policy meet may provide further cheer if the RBI does more than cut policy rates by 25 basis points (bps) as is being factored by market participants. The prediction of normal monsoon this year also augurs well for the markets

So We are going to have an Interesting May month ahead.

>>> NIFTY <<<

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I guess Nifty may form a IHS if Wave A gets completes at 5945 (high 5959) and may fall down for Wave B. Below 5791 Pattern gets invalid.

>>>> NIFTY - 15 MIN <<<
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Last few days becoming more volatile on either side, giving lot of way and pattern to decide the next move. As I feel final leg of 5th going on. If the last part is an expanding triangle then 5971 shall be the Resistance. Else if 5945 again resist shall give way for a fall.

>>>> JPASSOCIATES - As updated on 25th April,2013 <<<<

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Sent on Apr 25, 2013 01:42:47 PM ****N4A-STOCK-ALERT**** Sell JPAssociates Below 77.90. SL above 80.50. Target 76 & 73.50 (all spot lvl)

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Jp Associates almost made a Low of 73.45 on Tuesday.

(4/30/2013 11:20:54 AM): Jp Associates :- Breaking Supp 76.30. Resis 77.9-78. Target 74,72 and 69. Sell given already at 77.90 and Part Booked at 76.

Low made 73.45


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Sent on Apr 29, 2013 09:35:07 AM ****N4A-STOCK-ALERT**** Buy SRTRANSFIN above 724.50. SL below 703. Target 742 and 770 (all spot lvl)

Sent on Apr 30, 2013 03:26:07 PM ****N4A-STOCK-UPDATE***** SRTRANSFIN DONE FIRST TARGET 742. BUY GIVEN AT 724.50. NEXT 770 TARGET.

>>> RANBAXY <<<
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Ranbaxy getting ready for a good fall.