Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Fry" Day & Weak End

To be Noted that Nifty unable to Cross 5160 for the 4th time today also. Even in the Last 2 days I have mentioned the same. Again not Staying below 5130 also for the 2nd time today. So the Movement shall be decided once Price breaks these levels.

Since I have been using bearish counts - I hope the 2nd sub wave has been completed today and 3rd is on the way. sw(c)(3)(iii) to get start from tomorrow. Hope tomorrow can be a Gap down Logically and also seeing the Global Markets Movements..

1) Global Issue:- Looking at the Bad news roaming around the world market like JP Morgan's "London Whale" 9 Billion Loss & German Chancellor Angela Merkal said in German Parliament Yesterday that "There is no quick fix for the euro-zone's debt crisis and that the introduction of euro bonds at this stage would be "economically wrong," - Shows that Euro Problem may Deepen Further. Hence forth world Market may fall heavily today and tomorrow too.

2) Domestic Issue:- A New Tax Notice may be issued to Vodafone - may reflect in our Equity Market too.

So lets wait for the "FRY-Day" & hope its going to be Week end also. Cheers!!!