Saturday, May 04, 2013

Weekly Review :-

Dear All,

RBI on Friday cut the key policy rate by 25 basis points for the third time since January and kept the cash reserve ratio (CRR) unchanged, although this was on expected line, Market hear it on a Bearish tone when RBI Governor said “The balance of risks stemming from our assessment of the growth-inflation dynamic yields little space for further monetary easing.”
RBI has projected the Indian economy to grow at 5.7%, which is lower than even some private forecasts.
>>> Nifty - Updated last Weekly Review <<<
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>>> Nifty - Daily <<<
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Yes its Harami Again. Last Week Harami failed, but this time formed on the neck line and brought Nifty down below 5971 shows some importance.

>>> Nifty - 30 Mins <<<
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For clear visibility of counts, I have selected 30 mins chart here. As i have assumed earlier the ongoing rally as Wave (X), it might have completed at 6018.85. Hence I have started numbering it as 1 and 2. I too had a sell call on Nifty which was successful on friday, posted on face book also as a free call.

Sent on May 03, 2013 12:25:52 PM ****N4A-NIFTY-ALERT**** SELL NIFTY (SPOT LVL) BETWEEN 5995-6000. SL ABOVE 6020. TARGET 5950 AND 5920

Sent on May 03, 2013 01:21:16 PM ****N4A-NIFTY-UPDATE**** NIFTY DONE FIRST TARGET NEAR 5950. SELL GIVEN AT 5995. PROFIT 50X45=2250/-

Now if Nifty breaks the Channel as shown on chart then the fall must continue or even it may turn negative in coming days. Probably the flow of results from major companies may turn Nifty volatile with Negative bias too. Lets wait and See.

>>> SRTRANSFIN - Given on Last Weekly Review <<<
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>>> SRTRANSFIN - Happened <<<
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Target Achieved. Profit Booked.

Sent on Apr 29, 2013 09:35:07 AM ****N4A-STOCK-ALERT**** Buy SRTRANSFIN above 724.50. SL below 703. Target 742 and 770 (all spot lvl)

Sent on Apr 30, 2013 03:26:07 PM ****N4A-STOCK-UPDATE***** SRTRANSFIN DONE FIRST TARGET 742. BUY GIVEN AT 724.50. NEXT 770 TARGET

Sent on May 03, 2013 10:36:06 AM ****N4A-STOCK-UPDATE**** SRTRANSFIN DONE 2ND TARGET 770. BUY GIVEN AT 724.50. PROFIT 500X45.5=22750/- ENJOY.

>>> DLF <<<
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DLF Showing a Pure Bear Trend. I was continuously Bearish on this Stock. Company Struggling to tackle its debt by Fresh issue of Shares, Issue of Bonds to reduce its debt of Rs.21k Crores approx. shows that its not in a financial Strength.
Next week if breaks below the Green Arrow as shown on chart, Heavy Fall not ruled out. All My clients are holding short in this counter.

>>> YES BANK <<<
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Yes Bank - Given above is a 5 Mins chart. A Head and Shoulder on top of the Chart gives important for it and shows that the Neck Line broken once. Next week there is one more support line, if broken then clear fall not ruled out.
>>> Tata Motors <<<
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Tata Motor Resisted at the 78.6% of Wave B and a Resistance Line as shown on chart. If breaks below the channel as mentioned on chart, then fall to continue. Lets See.

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