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Weekly Review - 04.08.2014

Dear All,

Dear All,

Indian Stocks Market and the rupee fell on Friday due to fears of a decline in global money flows if the US, the world's biggest economy, increases interest rates. The prospects of Argentina's second default in 13 years having a negative knock-on effect on money and stock markets also weighed on global shares, sending them lower

FIIs dumped shares worth about 1,070 crore on Friday, extending their selling to the third straight day, despite the country's manufacturing sector growing at its strongest pace in 17 months in July.

Finance Ministry is confident of achieving minimum 5.5 percent GDP in FY15, quoting government sources. In fact, the government is hoping to achieve a full year GDP closer to the 6 percent level. The confidence is based on the recent positive economic data, like June core sector and IIP growth figures. It is also taking heart from the fact that monsoon has not been bad as has been envisaged earlier. But it’s not just the eight core sectors, which have recorded good growth, but signs of a broad-based recovery happening are clearly visble. For example, the auto sales numbers have shown a significant pick up.

So what else pending on Technicals...Lets See.

>>> Rupee Vs Dollar - As Posted on 21st June, 2014 <<<

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Have posted INR Vs Dollar - on 21st June 2014. Wrote clearly that Price ready to bounce.. See what happened.

>>> Happened and Yet to <<<

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As Expected started Price started moving up. So its going to be a lot of changes on the entire market and get ready for more and more fire works.

>>> Nifty - Daily Chart <<<

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So after a heavy volatile and fall last week, nifty now looking dangerous. If 50 dma breaks then we should be very cautious. Expanding triangle is another worry - if breaks then deep corrections are the possibilities.

>>> Nifty - Hourly Chart <<<

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On the contrary - lets look at the bulls side also. On hourly chart - it looks like abc-x-abc fall looks completed. So 7600 and 7560 support holds - then possible bounce back are high.

>>> Performance - Chart - Last Week <<<


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>>> Special Coverage - HINDUNILVR <<<

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Hindustan UniLever - Charts looks Bearish now and we recommend to sell on Rise. Just Sell and Hold for a deep correction.

As per chart - Stock took almost 1 year for A & B Wave consolidation - which means Wave C on the down side to start any time for a deep fall.

Sell and Earn - Cheers!!!