Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bring me Back the Bear - An Alternative

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Dow Falling - Seems to be a Dow in the Grip of Bear. Of Course I hope Nifty may also take clues from the global ques. If Yes, then there should be some alternative.

So given above is the Alternative Count for Nifty. Although my yesterdays Head and Shoulder failed, I hope still Sub wave 2 may continue and the fall for sw(C) may be still Pending. In that case a Power full (deeper) sw(C) may start to rattle the market.

If any one ask me why are You scarring Other with Bear Phase - My answer is "Just to alert You all from Loosing Your Preciously Hard Earned Money". I don't advice You to Short Nifty or to Buy Tones of Put Option, Instead You must aware of the Market Movement, especially Your Stop Loss and Risk Your taking in this "Killer Market"

Hope You all get my Point of View. Wish You all a Happy and Profitable Trading. Cheers.

Fed & Nifty Gave a "TWIST"

Yesterday Bernanke Said "Fed Continues Twist" Today Nifty gave a Twist after 02:00 pm. Rumours of CRR Cut by Friday Evening - as a Result Bank Nifty gave a Stunning Rally along with Banking Stocks. No one know is that True or Just a Rumour. As a Result Head & Shoulder Failed and Nifty rallied and closed above 5144. Now I need to re-arrange all my counts.

As I gave a Sell Call Yesterday :-

(20/Jun/2012 09:45:37): *****NIFTY-ALERT**** Sell Nifty (spot) near cmp:5121. SL 5144. Target 5098/5080/5060.

(20/Jun/2012 13:26:09): *****NIFTY-UPDATE***** :-
Nifty near First Target 5098. Sell given at 5121. Carry your Short for the Next Target.

(21/Jun/2012 10:07:03): ****Nifty-Update**** :-
Nifty Sell given Yesterday @ 5121 - cmp:5094. Partial Profit can be Booked near 5080 (spot).

(21/Jun/2012 14:28:52): ****Nifty-Update**** :-
Nifty Sell given Yesterday @ 5121 - cmp:5129. Exit if trades above 5145

Atlast after lot of Patience 24 Points Stop Loss was Hit.

Nifty has successfully saved 5090 (spot) and able to give a Stunning Rally even though European markets where trading in RED, showed that our Indian Markets have their own way to choose.

Now Whats Next. Tomorrow again Nifty has to Cross some Important Resistances like 5174 / 5184 & 5190. Support Now moves to 5144-45. Lets wait and see the Interesting Friday Move on Nifty...Cheers!!!