Wednesday, March 14, 2012

After a good Gap Up Nifty came down and consolidated seems to be that it completed sw(4) as shown on chart. Tomorrow Nifty should not break 5420 spot and for next upmove may happen above 5503 for 5523 / 5544 / 5572 & 5609. A Fall below 5420 may trigger upto 5394 & 5370.

State Bank of India - I Hope it made a Reverse H&S and there is a Break out too as marked on chart.Since tomm March,15th there is a RBI meed to decide Interest Rate decision - Risky Trader can trade as per this chart.Above 2350 - may target for 2475 and even more. But a Close above 2470 may trigger a Big Push for a Big Target ??? Lets wait for the Interesting day for tomorrow. Cheers!!!