Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Will Germany Rescue Euro Zone ??

Yes Germany will Rescue Euro Zone Says "CEO - Deutsche Bank".

"Destruction is much more expensive than further construction. A demolition of the euro zone will create chaos in Europe and probably also in many parts of the world".

The above Words are Much more Important for our Market too.

At the Same time U.S. is pressing the government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to do more to strengthen the euro zone.

Now the Outlook for G-7 Finance Ministers Tele Conferance is very Important for tomorrow Trade.

Also the Focus to be given on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke before a congressional panel on the economic outlook and monetary policy on Thursday.

In this situation - Lets Look at How Nifty going to react for the Rest of the Week.

As I wrote Yesterday nifty Unable to Hold above 4895 Spot, it shows the 5 wave downside not yet finished. As marked on Chart if the Upmove today was sw(4) then the fall for sw(5) is Ready. If so then the fall can be like 4803 / 4774 / 4744 / 4702 and 4650.

Above 4895 all these counts became Invalid and Upmove should Continue for a Resistance like 4925 and 4967.

Lets Wait and See - Cheers!!!